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13 upscale hotels for the perfect last minute getaway

Distant Nantucket

Anyone on the hunt for an escape, is there anything more appealing than a place called Faraway? The new hotel brand’s first outpost opened this summer in Nantucket with a 62-room shingle-style structure that’s both bohemian and nautical, which makes sense given the muse: a fictional female captain who puts sails with her all-female crew and returns home (to Faraway) with an assemblage of exotic and weathered treasures from around the world. The founders and designers, Blue Flag Partners, however, do not intend their new haunt to be a strictly summer destination. They go out of their way to make sure locals and visitors alike know that Faraway is as winter friendly as it is summer.

Noelle Nashville’s Penthouse Suite is nothing short of a luxury apartment with room service.Photo: Noëlle Nashville

Noelle Nashville

When it comes to stunning Art Deco relics from the turn of the 20th century, downtown Nashville doesn’t exactly come to mind, but La Noelle makes us reconsider. Eleven months out of the year, the 224-room hotel is an oasis of luxury tucked away in the city’s historic district, but throughout December a few key elements completely transform. Take, for example, the Hidden Bar, the hotel’s underground watering hole, which swapped its typical decor for that of McCallister’s Shermer, Illinois, circa 1990 home. Alone at home cocktails, including tequila-based “TV Is My Life”.

The Winter Garden at The Berkeley in London has five dining cabins ideal for the holidays with a delicious menu. Photo: Justin De Souza

The Berkeley

Like most structures that have managed to survive after several hundred years, The Berkeley de Belgravia grew out of humble beginnings. From the early 1700s until 1897, it was the Gloucester Coffee House, a popular haunt on the corner of Berkeley Street and Piccadilly. Just before 1900, it took on a new name, The Berkeley, and business; it was now a boutique hotel for the city’s elite. And in 1972, the iconic place took its roots and moved to its current home on Wilton Place.

And for the holidays this year, the historic hotel offers The Berkeley Winter Cabins: five extremely comfortable huts adorned with scent wreaths, soaring fir trees, twinkling lights and flickering candles. Plus, the Alpine-inspired menu is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit with winter-specific dishes like creamy fondue, indulgent veal cutlet and, of course, piping hot spätzle.