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20 Best Small Southern Towns to Live In

The American South, considered any area south of the Mason-Dixon line, is known for its hospitality, regional cuisines, and expansive landscapes. Some towns offer historical attractions and outdoor activities while others have picturesque views and sweeping landscapes.

According to Texas Relocation Report According to the most recent data, Texas, one of the states on this list, ranked second in the nation for the most relocations, welcoming an additional 537,000 to 582,000 residents in 2019 alone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a wave of relocations as more people seek affordability and more flexibility, especially with the increase in work-from-home options. And while some of the cities on this list aren’t exactly affordable, for families, safe cities with stellar school systems are definitely a priority. With the onset of the pandemic, bustling cities have seen many of their residents leave for smaller towns with greater amenities.

Stacker reference NicheThe 2021 Best Places to Live study narrowed the results to the south and narrowed them further to places with fewer than 5,000 people. Niche calculated the best places to live based on factors such as cost, safety, quality of weather, access to healthy living, and several other factors. For each city, Stacker included the city’s resident population as well as figures for homeowners, renters, and median household income.

While this data is the most recent available, some housing statistics used by Niche to calculate its ranking, such as median home value and housing costs, do not fully reflect the current housing market. Since these numbers are subject to frequent change and housing makes up 5% of Niche’s total ranking, these statistics are omitted from upcoming data points and do not detract from Niche’s overall rating of the best places to live. . Whether you’re seriously considering a new move or just dream of living in a city with a dose of Southern charm, Stacker has you covered on a small town you might at least want to consider living in.