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7 Best CA Restaurants: Esquire List 2021


CALIFORNIA – California can be proud of its culinary prowess, placing several restaurants at the top of several lists of best restaurants, and we have done it again. The new recognition comes in Esquire’s Best New Restaurants in America, 2021.

Esquire has selected 40 restaurants, including seven here in the Golden State.

Four judges crisscrossed America, where “We found ourselves digging in comfort, of course, but we also looked into the unknown. In adventure. Eating in the best restaurants is like winning. a ticket to another place, another time. To the past and the future, and sometimes both at the same time. “

Here are the California picks along with their placement on the National List:

Barbecue Horn, 2534 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, # 5 – The horn has been recognized for its smoked meats, noting that the brisket is cooked at low temperature and slowly for 16 hours on white oak. “The fatty parts melt in the mouth, the leaner ends remain firm but juicy, and the bark maintains a pronounced bite. “

Shawarmaji, 2123 Franklin Street, Oakland, #ten – Fancy a sandwich? “Chef Mohammad Abutaha offers large, juicy skewers of seasoned spicy chicken, which is marinated in yogurt, sliced, seared, placed in a large wrap, then smeared with toum garlic sauce, a popular condiment in the Levant. is incredibly delicious. ”The reviewer swears the juice will run down your wrists by the time you’re done.

The anchovy sea bass, 1740 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, # 15 – “In season, fresh live anchovies from the water surrounding the city arrive daily and are marinated in tangy boquerones, served with yogurt, cucumber, mint and spicy fermented turnips.” But the restaurant serves other seafood, from clams to halibut.

Charcuterie from the Pearl River, 936 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, # 26 – “There’s a bit of magic going on at Pearl River Deli in Los Angeles Chinatown, where you’ll find Chef Johnny Lee’s moving and intensely flavorful vision of Cantonese cuisine. The reviewer was particularly fond of the char siu and the Macau pork chop bun.

Abaca, 2700 Jones Street, San Francisco, # 28 – “Crafting Filipino classics with Californian subtlety was Chef Francis Ang and Dian Ang’s calling card in their animated Pinoy Heritage pop-ups, and thankfully so was their first restaurant, Abacá.” The review suggested bringing a group to the restaurant and ordering lots of items from the menu to share, so you don’t miss out on anything.

VAGA, 2100 North Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, # 34 – “The view of the Pacific from this perch of the Alila Marea Beach Resort may mesmerize, but the curiosity of Chef Claudette Zepeda’s cuisine, a personal journey that brings together influences from her life in Mexico and San Diego and her surroundings, will soon attract your attention. “Enjoy wood-fired sea bass, octopus in pepita sauce or bao buns stuffed with the breast.

Fish & Bird, 2451 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, # 38 – While the menu as a whole is praised, “the real draw is the yakiniku, a DIY grill setup that burns the binchotan brightly and slowly, warming you up as you watch the platter in front of you. In this platter, choose from plump shrimp and shiny scallops, beautifully marbled cuts of Wagyu A5 beef, or any other seasonal vegetable, you know, for the health. “

As a bonus, two Californian chefs were rewarded.

Serena Chow Fisher was named Pastry Chef of the Year. She is co-owner of Marlena’s in San Francisco, which offers a four-course tasting menu for $ 65. Pastries that made the reviewer pale include “burnt Italian meringue topped with chocolate ganache, pieces of brown sugar cake, and a hazelnut graham cracker crumble.” Garnished with marigold petals, it evokes an s’more. (The flower mimics the campfire.) Creative, nostalgic and delicious. “

Rashida Holmes was honored for Pop-Up of the Year. A longtime Los Angeles cook, Holmes lost her job during the pandemic and had to pivot. She started out by selling baked patties filled with oxtail out of her house. A success, she moved into a commercial space and expanded her menu. “She has appeared in bars and restaurants since and has ambitions to open her own brick and mortar store sometime in 2022.”

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