Berkeley hotels

Acclaimed chef Charlie Palmer is set to open a swanky new hotel appellation for food-obsessed guests in Healdsburg

If you’re looking for a culinary getaway in your own Bay Area backyard, chef Charlie Palmer is planning just the place: Palmer has teamed up with Four Seasons veteran Christopher Hunsberger to build a new hotel called Appellation in Healdsburg. Scheduled to open in late 2023, it is the first of a small chain of hotels from Palmer and Hunsberger under the Appellation name; beyond the Healdsburg Hotel announcement, a second hotel is scheduled to open in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2023, and a third in Pacific Grove in 2024.

The chain is billed as “hotels specifically built around a destination’s distinct dining experiences,” Palmer said in a press release. The 108-room hotel, for example, will have “creation spaces” where guests can choose from a list of demonstrations and interactive classes led by local creators, such as winemakers, farmers or cheese makers. Other unique offerings include a prep kitchen space that will serve as the hotel’s front desk, with chefs to “interact” with in the lobby; each floor of the hotel will include a pantry with local products, such as snacks and cocktail kits, and a library of cookbooks; other typical hotel amenities, such as a fitness center, two pools, spa, and event space, are available. To top it off, a Charlie Palmer restaurant and bar will be installed in each hotel. Opening room rates for the Healdsburg location are $600 per night, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Chilli shortage affects Sriracha production

Sriracha makers sounded the alarm over a chilli shortage in April, but this news is finally catching on as fans stock up on Sriracha. Representatives from Huy Fong Inc. confirmed to CNN that there was an “unprecedented shortage” of its product due to a poor chili crop. New Sriracha orders from distributors placed before Labor Day will not be fulfilled until the fall, the company said.

New 26-story apartment building proposed for downtown Berkeley

The corner of Shattuck and University Avenues in Berkeley, where McDonald’s is currently located, is now the potential home of a new 26-story building. Rhoades Planning Group, NX Ventures and Trachtenberg Architects have submitted a pre-application for a new building at this corner, which would be Berkeley’s tallest building if built, Berkeleyside reports. The structure would take over the building with McDonald’s, Spats, Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative, Turkish Kitchen. The current plan for the building would include retail on the ground floor, and Spats owner Mark Rhoades (who is involved in the new building plans) wants to integrate the bar into the new building. The development could also include a 5,000 square foot rooftop restaurant.

Meet the Sebastopol family behind Bachan’s Japanese sauce

The family behind the favorite condiment, Bachan’s Japanese sauce, is featured in a recent SFGATE profile that covers the growth of the local business and the origin of the sauce, based on a family recipe.