Account for a pensioner – FREE LOAN

March 4, 2020 by No Comments

Pensioners are not only a constantly growing group in Polish society. Until recently, few 60-year-olds and older used banking services, especially accounts. With the progress of civilization, this state is slowly changing. Seniors are convinced of the advantages of having an account.

Created for those who have already stopped working and are receiving benefits, or will soon start doing so. The main source of income for an elderly person is a pension, disability pension or pre-retirement allowance.

Bank account for senior

Bank account for senior

All the mentioned benefits are paid by the Social Insurance Institution to the account. Or delivered in the form of a postal order ‘to your own hands’. When choosing a senior account, it’s worth choosing one that offers free services. For example, deposits and withdrawals in bank branches, withdrawals from ATMs and transfers ordered in bank windows. There are also banks with special offers targeted at seniors.

These are various types of insurance for the account. Assistance insurance, where we can use e.g. additional options related to various plumbing repairs. Or medical assistance, where we can call a nurse home in exceptional cases. One of the banks in this package even provides walking the dog if we are sick. Another interesting form that makes your bank account more attractive is card refunds, e.g. at pharmacies.

Good Finance – 50+ Active Account


Bank Good Finance’s offer for customers over fifty is the Active 50+ Account. The account is kept free of charge if it is funded by receipts of USD 1,000. USD per month (standard USD 3).

The card service costs USD 3 if the customer does not make any transaction, but you only need to pay by card once to reduce the fee to USD 1. In the package, the customer gets free ATMs throughout the country. Free medical assistance insurance with 24h emergency medical assistance.

And partner discounts and rebates in over 200 online stores. Currently, as part of the promotion, the bank provides clients with Nordic Walking poles opening account. The Active 50+ account can be opened via the Internet, telephone or at any Good Finance branch.

Account. No Bills

  • USD 0 for keeping an account in the case of income from salary/retirement/disability/scholarship (otherwise the account fee is USD 6);
  • free deposits/withdrawals at the bank’s counter;
  • paper account statement – USD 0 (delivered by post);
  • free bills for all utilities (electricity, gas, flat, other) in any bank outlet;
  • a wide network of branches in Poland with cash service.