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At least 70 people fear death in storms, Kentucky governor says

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says he fears tornadoes have killed 70 people in the state and the death toll could exceed 100.

Severe storms moved through the region on Friday evening and caused catastrophic damage in several states.

Kentucky State Police Soldier Sarah Burgess said search and rescue teams were still scouring the rubble on Saturday but did not yet have a figure for the number of people who died.

Coroners were called to the scene of a candle factory in western Kentucky and bodies were found, but she was unsure how many.

Storms have ravaged other states as well, leaving havoc in their wake.

Illinois Police said at least one person died at an Amazon facility where the roof was torn off after a possible tornado. Rescue teams are still sorting through the rubble there.

Three people have died in extreme weather conditions in Tennessee. One person has died after an apparent tornado ravaged a nursing home in Arkansas. At least one death has been reported in Missouri. Western Kentucky University said emergency crews are assessing damage from the storm. A student who lived off campus was killed.

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