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Berkeley’s best parks for socially remote hangouts

As the students move in for the new semester, some for the first time, it is important to take the time to socialize safely and from a distance. If you spent last fall studying with friends at the Moffitt Library, attending group movie nights in a Triple Apartment in Unit 1, or participating in any other indoor activity, you’re going to go through a major adjustment. This year. Going out or studying with others will force you to take your projects outside.

You may want to consider planning a picnic spending time with friends as school resumes in September. Or, at the very least, grab a blanket and some reading, and invite some friends to study outside with you. What you bring and who you invite is up to you, but just be sure to keep your distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands. After determining who is coming, you will need to decide where to meet. Berkeley is full of beautiful places for you to unpack and go out while staying safe during this pandemic.

If you’re looking for ideas for relaxing in good company, here’s a list of five places in Berkeley that are ideal for socially remote hangouts.

Ohlone Park

Ohlone Park is located on Hearst Avenue, between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Sacramento Street. The park contains a softball field, a soccer field, a basketball court, poles for lawn volleyball, a dog park, a community garden, four children’s play areas and many open spaces. to socialize from a distance. My favorite place in Ohlone Park is a hill with several boulders at the top, wedged between California Street and Sacramento Street.

Willard Park

This park is close to the campus at 2730 Hillegass Ave. (just up from Telegraph Avenue). The park is just a large grassy area that can get crowded quickly, but the trees around the perimeter allow for a cool afternoon in the shade. You won’t regret taking a seat in Willard on a sunny September day.

Dwight Way Playground at Hillside Avenue

Saw one of the best views I have seen in Berkeley as I sat on the swing at the intersection of Dwight Way and Hillside Avenue and overlooking the city of Berkeley and the bay. Getting to the park is an uphill walk, but the hike may be worth it if you’re a fan of golden hour views. Invite friends over to a socially distant hangout and watch the sun set over the bay.

Cesar Chavez Park

If you don’t fancy taking in the bay views from afar, head to Cesar Chavez Park near Berkeley Marina. It is a park by the water, which extends over a large part of the land. You can visit this park to picnic, fly a kite, go for a walk or ride a bike. There are many options for safe and remote fun at this location. The views are stunning, especially at sunset – just make sure to bring a light jacket for the cool nighttime.

Living Oak Park

Located in North Berkeley at 1301 Shattuck Ave. on the corner of Berryman Street, Live Oak is full of phenomenal places to have socially remote hangouts. The park is full of trees, shaded areas, large open fields, picnic tables, and beautiful wooden bridges that span a stream. This is definitely the park you want to choose if you fancy a day with nature.

Whether you’re on the shore or in the hills, Berkeley parks are beautiful places where you can safely hang out with friends. Try to find your favorite places to unpack your luggage at each of these places. Who knows, you might find a new happy place.

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