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Bike to the Moon Week Launches Fitness and Sustainability for Schools BUSD

Students, families and teachers from school districts in Alameda County are preparing to collectively travel 286,900 miles this week, their goal of reaching the distance to the moon using alternative modes of transportation.

Alameda County’s Safe Routes to Schools program, or SR2S program, launched Bike to the Moon Week to promote physical and environmental wellness in the community. The virtual event lasts May 9-13 and will include schools from across the Berkeley Unified School District, or BUSD.

“This year’s Bike to the Moon week is a fun way for students to boost their physical activity and helps reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted by cars,” said Sofia Peltz, BUSD’s sustainability program coordinator. , in an email.

Several BUSD schools have signed up to participate in the initiative, including Malcolm X Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Oxford Elementary School, Thousand Oaks Elementary School, Rosa Parks Elementary School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, according to the door- BUSD speaker, Trish McDermott. .

Participants can engage in a variety of activities such as biking, walking, skateboarding, scootering or taking public transportation to contribute to their mileage, according to the SR2S website. The website notes that these miles are recorded using a tracking form and a special conversion factor – for example, one bike mile equals 25 “moon miles” to their target.

Other forms of participation include posting the event on social media for 25 lunar miles or participating in an educational event for 100 lunar miles. The SR2S website also features event opportunities such as BikeMobile, Safe Routes to Schools, Bike rodeos, Pedestrian rodeos and Go Green presentations, offering a variety of ways to get involved.

Alameda County schools also have the option of hosting an in-person Bike to School Day this week on a campus-to-campus basis.

The SR2S program encourages all members of the community to participate and log their Lunar Miles, regardless of school affiliation. The follow-up form closes on Monday, May 16 at 5 p.m.

“Cycling and walking to school offers students a taste of independence, time spent with friends or family, and can initiate much-needed cultural change to encourage more sustainable modes of transportation. “, Peltz said in the email.

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