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Saranac Lake Village’s beautiful beach on River Street was lost to the widening of River Street and the state clung to this piece (where the National Guard Armory was located) for a site of launching. Many efforts have been made to return the beach to Flower Lake. The biggest was in 1999 when Mayor Jim Jock told me as Village Manager, “I don’t care what else you do, give that beach back to Flower Lake.” I worked for months on this project but in vain. Maybe I shouldn’t have named my working committee “Sons of the Beach”. (Photo provided)

This special edition was full of advertisements offering special rates to Canadian residents and numerous advertisements mentioning Saranac Lake’s proximity to Montreal.

Jim Loeb and Roger Tubby had purchased the Enterprise less than a year earlier and were excited to own the only daily newspaper published in the Adirondacks. Imagine two guys who were about as big as you could get in the Democratic National Party. Loeb had worked at the State Department, held ambassadorial posts; Tubby served as Ambassador to the United Nations Mission in Geneva, Switzerland. Also, and this is important, he was for a time President Harry Truman’s last press secretary before the end of his term.

This is how the local hotel/motel industry evolved. The term “motel” was created from a motorhome / hotel, where you could park the car in front of the front door of the room.

Saranac Lake was more hotels than motels. There were beautiful cabins on Lake Flower Avenue owned by Ron Keough’s grandparents, where Best Western is today; Gauthier’s vacation home (featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine) had cottages and was located directly on the lake…and still is today.

At that time, there may have been only one motel located where the new Saranac Waterfront Lodge stands today.

Tourist activity was centered on the city’s five hotels. The Saranac Hotel, the Berkeley, the St. Regis, the Alpine and the Arlington (aka the Potter Block.)

Now motels are disappearing and hotels are becoming popular again. Take a look at Hotel Saranac any weekend and the gift shop has an amazing and quirky inventory.

That said, I heard a rumor last weekend that something big was going on with the Sara-Placid Motel and Amanda’s Village Motel at 128 River St. Like maybe changing hands.

I think my buddy Mike Kilroy should be convinced to run one of these properties. Mike is a numbers guy who, on any nightly audit at the Akwesasne Casino, could find a penny short in this large stash of cash.

The news of the special edition in brief

I already mentioned the Deerwood Music Camp on Upper Saranac in his space, but get a load of it:

“A summer center dedicated to the development of young talents in music, dance and art. Wilfred Pelletier, who directs the National Conservatory of Quebec and Montreal, and who has also been one of the main conductors of the Metropolitan Opera as well as conductor of the Metropolitan Auditions of the Air is responsible for the orchestra and the opera workshop in Deerwood. Deerwood is now in its 12th year.

The Stevenson Cottage

“Robert Louis Stevenson was the most distinguished of the thousands who came to Saranac Lake for health or vacation. He stayed on a small village farm, skated on nearby Moody Pond, and wrote “The Master of Ballantrae” and 12 essays. The village keeps Stevenson Cottage as a sanctuary.

Golf Tournaments at the Saranac Inn

“The New York State Golf Association selected the Saranac Inn championship golf course for the 1954 New York State Senior Women’s Tournament, which is a 36-hole, medal game. The matches will be played on July 12 and 13.

“The New York State Women’s Amateur Championship, 54 Hole, Medal Game, will be held July 14, 15 and 16.

“Saranac Inn Pro Steve Holloway says the Saranac Inn course will be in its best shape this summer. This scenic course has been carved out of virgin forest and every hole is picturesquely beautiful.

“In addition to the course, there is a wide practice hole and two practice greens.”

So folks, this edition of You Know What is mostly publicity shots… and as the photographers said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – then we journalists would respond, “Yeah, so try showing a picture the next time you drown.”

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