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Corrections: April 20, 2022 – The New York Times

Due to an editing error, an article published Tuesday about retracted or disputed studies related to Cassava Sciences’ Alzheimer’s drug misrepresented the employment status of Dr. David Bredt. He is no longer with MPM Capital.

A Tuesday post about guidelines to follow when someone in your household tests positive for coronavirus misnamed a type of mask that is highly protective against the virus. This is the KF94 mask, not the KN94 mask.

A story Monday about Ford Motor’s new F-150 electric pickup truck and the company’s efforts to catch up with Tesla misrepresented the age of the Ford Motor Company. It was founded 118 years ago, not 113. It also warped the weight of Ford’s F-150 electric pickup truck. It’s 6,000 pounds, not 4,000.

An article last Wednesday on Donkey & Goat in Berkeley, Calif., using information from its winemaker, Tracey Rogers Brandt, misrepresented several points about Gris Gris, a wine she created in 2021. While many Donkey wines & Goat are considered natural wines, Gris Gris is not. Ms. Rogers Brandt used a rosé subjected to reverse osmosis, a technological manipulation not used by natural winemakers, in the Gris Gris blend.

An article published Tuesday about the effect the pandemic has had on people’s feet misspelled the first name of an associate professor at the University of Southern California. She is Jacquelyn M. Dylla, not Jacqueline.

A Saturday article on homelessness misrepresented the number of hotels in New York that are being considered for conversion to permanent supportive housing. There are over 700 hotels in the city; the number being considered for conversion is not known.

Errors are corrected in print whenever possible, so some errors noted here may not have appeared in all editions.

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