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Details released on Big Drug, theft of stolen goods near Mesa

Property Near Mesa Searched, Person Arrested (FCSO)

Property Near Mesa Searched, Person Arrested (FCSO)

We told you earlier this week about a large “raid” by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on a location near Mesa where a number of items were found that had been stolen from Franklin County. ‘Adams.

Apparently thieves even stole someone’s HVAC headunit

The Franklin County and Adams County departments teamed up to complete the operation, as property was reported stolen in the Ritzville area and other areas of Adams County. Now the FCSO has released more details.

Stolen Cooling System (FCSO)

Stolen Cooling System (FCSO)

The property in question is at 1221 Klamath Road, near Mesa. During the search process, deputies found a side-by-side ATV, numerous tools and equipment stolen from a farm near Connell, and even a small complete HVAC unit that was taken from an Adams County home.

Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond also reported that there was also evidence on the Mesa property of drug manufacturing. An adult male from the property has been arrested and several other people are wanted.

MPs say other stolen items have been recovered and efforts will continue to return these items to their rightful owners.

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