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Financial links with American universities: the Beijing agenda

A new report reveals China’s contracts with US universities worth more than $100 million. A lawmaker sees it as part of Beijing’s plan to overtake the United States.

Taiwan is pushing to become a member of the US Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. But will he be allowed to join?

A German national living under the Shanghai lockdown says the Chinese system “sucks”. He says kindergarteners are more organized.

We hear from one of our viewers, who is living under a Chinese lockdown. As a foreigner living in the country, he tells us what surprised him the most.

China’s national anthem is being censored by the country’s social media as some Chinese citizens use the song to criticize Beijing’s policies instead of praising the ruling party.

Topics in this episode:
China pushes Russia’s ‘strategic coordination’
Taiwan seeks role in US Indo-Pacific framework
US House Minority Leader shows support for Taiwan
Japan’s Abe urges US to change Taiwan ambiguity
Shanghai: more residents can leave home
Shanghai resident faces food shortage
German in Shanghai: “The system sucks”
Our viewer describes their experience under lockdown
National anthem of Chinese online social media bloc
“China has changed”: Australian leaders
CCP Victims Share Their Experiences at UC Berkeley
China’s pact with Solomon Islands raises concerns

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