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Five chic new paint companies popular with the British middle class

As for the palette, rather than going for a huge range, it is an edited collection, inspired in part by Gosling’s collection of antique Aubusson rugs, with which he wanted to furnish the chateau. “I looked around at paints offered by other companies that we all use on the market, and found that there just wasn’t the kind of palette that would work,” he says. “It’s also incredibly hard to find a good paint job in France and the colors are so limited, so I thought, why not just design your own? Graphenstone loved the idea and let me play all last summer, mixing paints and colors.

In a clever move, Gosling also documented her color experiments on Instagram, inviting her followers to participate in the creative process. “It took 22,000 people to help choose the right palette,” he adds.

The result is a bold yet harmonious collection, with each of the expressive colors designed to harmonize with the others, making it much easier for home decorators to choose a combination that works, rather than having to leaf through endless color charts.

There’s a gray in the mix – a soft, pale shade that acts as a foil to stronger colors, aptly called One Shade of Gray – along with three pinks, a striking red, four very different greens and a handful of creamy neutrals. Although a few greens have blue tones, there is notably no true blue: “I would never paint an entire room blue; it’s just too cold,” says Gosling, who instead prefers to choose blue accents in woodwork, wallpaper patterns or rugs.