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Fubler and Maybury inducted as honorary members

Bermuda College recently welcomed Glenn Fubler and Christopher Maybury as honorary members.

A spokesperson said: “The Company of Honorary Fellows at Bermuda College inducted Mr. Glenn Fubler and Mr. Christopher Maybury as new Fellows at ceremonies recently held in Bermuda College’s new Athene Lecture Theater.

“Honored for their far-reaching social activism and extensive business and philanthropic endeavours, respectively, the two gentlemen accepted traditional stoles and lapel pins from the Chairman of the Company of Honorary Fellows, Mr. Randolph Horton, JP, who served as Master of ceremony.

Mr. Peter Sousa, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Bermuda College; Dr. Duranda Greene, President; Mr. Glenn Fubler, Honorary Member [2021]; Mr. Christopher Maybury, Honorary Member [2021]; Mr. Randolph K. Horton, President of the Company of Honorary Fellows

“The Company of Honorary Scholars was established in 1980 by the first President of the College, the late Dr. Archibald Hollis Hallett, to recognize the outstanding achievements of notable individuals in the community who have been nominated and selected by a committee for their achievements.

“To date, 103 Scholars have been duly recognized over the College’s nearly 50-year history, including former Prime Ministers, politicians, educators, business people and philanthropists.

Biography of Mr. Glenn Fubler

The well-used African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is most apt to describe the incredible life of Mr. Glenn Fubler. It was North Village – the neighborhoods encompassing North Shore, Government Gate and Glebe Road in Pembroke – that became Glenn’s extended family and incubator, nurturing and guiding him through the transformative years of the 1950s and 1960s. “Village” served as the foundation for what would underpin a lifelong passion and pursuit of human solidarity in a myriad of causes and crusades that impacted Bermuda and beyond. His very first such emotions prompted him to donate five shillings, the total of his Christmas work, to the Sunshine League Children’s Home, to support those on the margins.

Glenn attended Elliott Primary, Bermuda Technical Institute, Berkeley Institute, Academic Sixth Form Center and, in 1968, the University of Miami, becoming president of the United Black Students organization in 1969. The following year he became a member of the Black Beret Cadre in Bermuda
– another solidarity movement to protest British arms sales to apartheid South Africa.

He transferred to Howard University and graduated with his undergraduate degree in 1972. He then obtained a teaching assistant position in the university’s graduate program. Although he had completed his courses, he was again urged to return to Bermuda, to teach at the Institute at Berkeley and to meet local challenges.

During the turbulent decade of the 1970s, Glenn was extremely active in social causes. He was instrumental in co-founding a defense fund for Erskine ‘Buck’ Burrows and Larry Tacklyn, and the subsequent anti-hanging campaign with lobbying efforts in London supported by twelve Lords in Westminster, while studying at King’s College there.

In 1978, he returned to teaching at the Berkeley Institute and started a petition against the expatriate vote, supporting lobbying efforts for constitutional change. In 1979, he co-founded the Bermuda Socialist Workers Party. Two years later, he was an integral part of the emblematic general strike of May 5, 1981, in solidarity with the Bermuda Industrial Union.

In 1989, he earned his graduate degree in education from the University of Maryland.

Glenn’s causal activism continued in various forms throughout the 1980s and beyond. In 1995, Glenn created Beyond Barriers, a proactive initiative to promote local transformation. In 2003, Beyond Barriers was renamed Imagine Bermuda based on the vision of a better community and promoting civic engagement.

This included coordinating action against Bank of Bermuda apartheid relations; contribute to the formation of the Anti-Apartheid Coalition; as president and union organizer of the then Merged Bermuda Teachers’ Union [ABUT]; running a diversity program at the former Bermuda College Academic Resource Center; raising famine relief funds for Children’s Aid; and was one of Bermuda’s preeminent labor relations officers for nearly two decades.

Currently, Glenn is involved with the Westgate Project where he is one of many facilitators of the monthly prisoner dialogue aimed at inspiring self-reflection and promoting transformation in prisoners.

Glenn has a presence as an optimistic change agent who works to “build bridges” and unify, and he does so in a thoughtful, gentle way that engenders respect.

Glenn’s other passions include music, spirituality, walking and swimming with his 38-year-old wife, Deonn. They have two adult children – Mandela and Naeemah – and three grandchildren.

Biography of Mr. Christopher Maybury

Mr. Christopher Maybury has extensive experience in business and philanthropy. Among the highlights of his extraordinary career, Chris served on the board of Marks & Spencer as a property manager until he was recruited by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to eventually become CEO of The Times of London and the Sunday Times.

Lord Irvine Laidlaw then asked Chris to become CEO and major shareholder of the Institute for International Research. Under his leadership, the IIR became the largest conferencing and performance enhancement company in the world, and Chris was instrumental in its billion dollar sale to Informa in 2004.

Chris is Founder and Chairman of Beacon Events Hong Kong, a company that helps companies chart their path to success with insightful, industry-focused events. He continues to be a trustee of the Laidlaw Foundation, one of Britain’s most active charitable trusts supporting higher education globally, investing in the education of disadvantaged and underrepresented people to break the cycle of poverty, reduce inequality and develop a new generation of leaders. He has been rightly described as Lord Laidlaw’s ‘right hand’ for the pivotal role he played in organizing and overseeing the selection and funding of Laidlaw Scholars at many universities around the world.

Chris is Vice President of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, where he has been actively involved for the past five years in supporting Bermuda entrepreneurs and small businesses.

He is vice chairman of Bermuda Commercial Bank and a key investor who helped guide the group that recapitalized the bank over the past two years.

Chris is a significant investor in supporting Bermuda’s hospitality industry with active involvement in the restoration of Tucker’s Point and the Fairmont Southampton Princess hotels.

He is a respected adviser to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and has shown an admirable willingness to tackle complex issues in favor of Bermuda.

He and his family sponsor and fund their own four-year full scholarship for Bermudians to attend the UK’s top-ranked University of St Andrew, Scotland, including travel costs.

It’s baffling how Chris has found the time to be an avid sailor in Bermuda waters over the past 25 years at RBYC, even more so after learning that he has won the MaxiWorld Championship and the Super-Yacht Class of the America’s Cup.

Chris and his wife Stella are longtime residents of Bermuda, living in Tucker’s Town.

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