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Help Nosh List Oakland and Berkeley Restaurants with Vaccination Rules

The beer garden at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, the first bar in the area to require all patrons to provide proof of vaccination. Credit: Sarah Han

Stimulated by the delta variant, COVID-19 infections continue to rise in the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. This sparked a recommended return to mask use for many indoor activities, even for fully vaccinated people. But things get complicated when it comes to bars and restaurants, where it is simply not possible to cover your face evenly. Therefore, more and more bars and restaurants require anyone wishing to sit indoors to provide proof of full vaccination or a recent negative test.

If you are an authorized representative (an owner or employee, for example) of a cafe, cafe, restaurant, dive center or any other type of beverage or catering establishment East Bay and that your company has instituted new COVID-19 rules – including mask use, proof of testing, and vaccination documentation – please complete the brief form below. (If you are a customer or fan of a place with new rules, we encourage you to forward this page to an employee there, but please do not fill it out yourself.) We will use information from those companies provide us to create a guide for customers across the region. Thank you for your help.

If you have difficulty accessing the form below, please use this link to fill it in.


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