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How Humor Helps Us Cope

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Life’s hardships are a fact, but what if we found a way to laugh it off? Our guest shares how he used humor to deal with the deepest pains of his life.

How to do this practice:

1. Every day for a week, spend 10 minutes thinking about the things you found really funny that day.

2. Write them down in as much detail as possible and describe how each of these things made you feel. It’s important to write it down, instead of just writing it in your head.

3. Write down why these things were funny. You can also answer the question “Why did this funny event happen?” »

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The science of happiness today:

Kerry Rudd is a former member of the Bay Area Freedom Collective, a home by and for formerly incarcerated people, which provides resources and support for their reintegration.

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Andrea Samson is director of the chEERSLab at UniDistance Switzerland and at the University of Fribourg. She studies how humor helps us cope with a difficult situation and emotions

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