How to check if someone took a loan from me?

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Essentially, the proof is something we should guard carefully and never let him fall into the wrong hands. However, this is not always possible – sometimes we just lose it, we lose a wallet, it will be stolen by a pickpocket. In this situation, we must respond immediately.

The loss of your ID card – due to loss or theft 

The loss of your ID card - due to loss or theft 

It is a potentially great danger. Personal data that fall into the wrong hands can be used, among others to take out a loan unlawfully, e.g. through non-bank offers available on the Internet.

The easiest way if you lose your ID card is to reserve it, in order to do this we have to go to the police unit. We will be thoroughly instructed there and directed to another, more appropriate institution.

Alternatively, we can reserve our ID card at the bank whose services we use – however, not all banks offer this option. The last option is to use the document reservation service – Credit Information Bureau, but this service works only if you have an account there.

Safety rules

We will handle most cases with your personal ID. With its help, we will check into a hotel, rent a pedalo during the holidays, and even take a loan. It is worth, therefore, protect this document in all known ways, below are some suggestions.

  • Keep an eye on your ID card – never leave it as collateral in the equipment rental or make it available for photocopying at service outlets;
  • Immediately react in case of loss of your ID document – immediately reserve it to your bank and report the matter to the Police. Information on the loss of a document reported in one bank will go to the nationwide Restricted Documents System, and therefore to all other system participants;
  • Never send a scan of your document online to companies you do not know;
  • Do not fill in the online forms with your ID card data if it is not necessary. Such data can only be requested by a bank, financial institution or office;
  • Use the Credit Checker Alerts service – the service is not expensive, and thanks to it you will receive an SMS each time when information about submitting a loan application in your name goes to Credit Checker.

If you do not intend to use a credit or loan in the near future, you can include the so-called credit reservation. Then any institution that will contact Credit Checker to verify your creditworthiness when examining the loan application will know that you do not want a loan and will withdraw from financing.

Where can I check my loans?

Where can I check my loans?

A good way to protect yourself against this popular and extremely dangerous procedure will be to create a user account on the aforementioned Credit Checker. Under this three-letter abbreviation is the Credit Information Bureau. A popular institution related, for example, to providing information on repayment of liabilities to banks and lenders. Not only institutions but also private individuals have access to it.

Credit Information Bureau is an institution that receives information about almost every loan or loan taken out in Poland. All banks, as well as an increasing number of loan companies, cooperate with Credit Checker. That is why, if you want to check if someone has not taken a loan in your name, you should first use the services of Credit Checker.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the operation of this site. It is very useful, for example, in checking if someone has taken a payday loan on me. This account registration gives you the opportunity to use it unlimitedly. Another valuable feature is the download of monthly Credit Checker reports.