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Local lawmaker wants informed Yakima voters

Making sure Washington voters living abroad have the information they need. That’s the goal of a new Senate bill passed Wednesday sponsored by 14th District State Rep. Gina Mosbrucker. She says the bill would help inform Washington voters abroad.

Soldiers Need a Voters Guide

Bill 1357 would require county auditors to send a statewide and local voter brochure to registered voters in Washington overseas, including military voters.
“This bill was suggested to me by an overseas soldier who receives his ballot while serving our country, but he does not receive an election pamphlet with it. Without this information, he must pass a valuable time trying to research candidates. That’s time he could be spending talking or FaceTiming with his family or loved ones,” says Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale.

Auditor Charles Ross says the guides are available online

Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross said the bill could help those without internet access, as he says local and state election guides are available online for anyone who wants information. around the world.
Mosbrucker originally introduced the bill last year and it passed the House unanimously, but failed to advance in the Senate and was returned to the House at the end of the last session. Last week, lawmakers again approved the bill unanimously, 95-0. The measure comes down to the Senate where the representative for the 14th District says she is optimistic that she will move forward with full passage of the legislation.

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