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Macksey and Bond vying to be North Adams’ first female mayor

The town of North Adams will make history today as voters head to the polls to elect the town’s first-ever female mayor. There are also 14 candidates vying for 9 available seats on the At-large City Council.

History in the making in North Adams …

Jennifer Macksey and Lynette Bond are in the running to become North Adams’ first female mayor. Mayor Tom Bernard is not seeking re-election. The city has not lacked in female candidates for the top positions in the past, but this is the first time ever that two women have clashed, ensuring that the city will see its first female mayor elected today.

A large panel of candidates for the municipal council …

14 candidates are vying for the 9 seats available on the At-large City Council in North Adams. Lisa Blackmer, Keith Bona, Peter Oleskiewicz, Bryan Sapienza and Wayne Wilkinson are the incumbent candidates for re-election. Are also running Jennifer Barbeau, Jesse Lee Egan Poirer, Marie T. Harpin, Barbara Murray, Michael Obasohan, Ashley Shade, Heidi Shartrand-Newell, Ronald Sheldon and Joseph Smith.

No decision to be made for the seats of the school committee …

While there are no school committee races per se, the city’s voters also elect four school committee members and two representatives to the North Berkshire Regional Vocational School committee. Incumbent Emily Daunis and (former mayor) Richard Alcombright and David Sookey are running for the three four-year terms, while Joshua Vallieres, once elected, will complete the last two years of a vacant two-year term. Incumbent Gary Rivers and Diane Gallese Parsons are running for two positions on the North Berkshire Professional Regional School District School Board.

Everyone votes in the same place …

All residents of North Adams vote at Sainte-Élisabeth Parish Center.

Polling stations in North Adams are open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Pittsfield is also heading to the polls today …

Pittsfield voters go to the polls today to elect a Pittsfield city council and school committee members. Three of the city’s pupil races are unopposed. There are 4 seats available for 6 candidates for the At-large City Council, with the four incumbents standing for re-election. Pittsfield polling stations are open until 8:00 p.m.

You can follow election updates tonight until the polls close and the unofficial results when they arrive. We’ll also have full coverage of all races on Wednesday morning in the news.

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