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May 10 primary election | Journal-news

Deborah E. Hammond – The Falling Waters

Former Berkeley County Administrator

May 10 is primary election day for the 2022 election cycle. Early voting for this election will begin on Wednesday, April 27. The only early voting location for the primary election is the Dunn Building at 400 West Stephen Street, Martinsburg.

During each election cycle, my husband and I read all available information about the candidates, watch the debates offered by WRNR radio and TV 10 Comcast, and form conclusions. For this primary election, two candidates and positions stand out in a crowded field. We will be voting for Steve Catlett for the six-year term of Berkeley County Council and Tony Petrucci for Berkeley County Clerk.

Steve Catlett is a household name to many families due to his outstanding work with the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Department. He had the skill to take limited funds and stretch them to create a great program for the youth in our community. He’s a fiscal conservative with no personal agenda. His desire is to make Berkeley County a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. His life was devoted to this goal. He has fresh ideas and a fresh outlook on examining deep-rooted issues in our community. He went on a listening tour throughout the year, speaking to citizens, those responsible for our infrastructures, and learned a great deal about the pressing issues of our time. He also has long-standing relationships with municipal, state, and federal government agencies and individuals and he will reach out to those parties to help them resolve deep-seated issues that affect our community like infrastructure, including roads, parks, water and sewage.

The second critical pick I mentioned is Tony Petrucci for Berkeley County Clerk. I worked personally with both men and directly with Tony when he was County Commissioner then County Councilor and I know him to be honest, fair and a well respected businessman in the community. We need to restore the integrity of our county clerk’s office and he is the person to do it. He will work with the municipal, state and federal resources necessary to do the job. He will bring fresh eyes and a new perspective to the myriad duties of the county clerk. As a businessman, he understands the importance of strong finances and as the county’s chief financial officer, he will ensure that all state deadlines are met for the submission of financial statements.

As Chief Electoral Officer, he will be there to answer questions from the public and bring innovations to the electoral process such as multiple locations for early voting. These have been lacking in our county under the current appointment. For the benefit of the residents of Berkeley County, now and in the future, I strongly support Tony Petrucci’s candidacy for Berkeley County Clerk.

Remember, the future of Berkeley County is now in your hands.