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Montana not yet instituting a new election management system

Not immediately.

It is the decision released Monday by the office of the secretary of state in Montana regarding the implementation of the new election management system, according to the elections division of the office of the secretary of state, a representative of the county election administrators. and the software vendor.

In a press release, Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen made the statement.

“The decision to implement a new system was a data-driven decision since the project began in 2019,” Secretary Jacobsen said. “If the established criteria had been met, the system would have been implemented. Montana will not launch an electoral management system that is not ready, and it is not ready. We all share the common goal of voter confidence, electoral integrity and transparency. The strengths of electoral integrity in Montana include our election officers, paper ballots, post-election audits, and tabulation equipment that does not connect to the Internet. The electoral system used by Montana is a key component of electoral integrity.

Jacobsen said the current partnership with county election administrators will continue while his office discusses the next step with the software vendor. According to Jacobsen, the new system is supposed to provide “a modern and user-friendly platform for local and state officials to administer elections.”

MT votes will continue to be used until the new program can be approved.

Here in Missoula, fraud was alleged in a recent election, a charge vehemently denied by Missoula County election officials.

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