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No reimbursement for the Campus Pointe real estate developer


A ribbon cut took place for Maravillosa, a 142-unit complex for active seniors for adults at Campus Pointe, on Wednesday morning December 1, 2021.

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Fresno city council is expected to review an updated agreement with developers at Campus Pointe on Thursday. The deal rules out a repayment of around half a million dollars that the board was due to vote on last week.

A previous version of the deal – which was on the city council’s agenda last week – called for the city to reimburse Kashian Enterprises about half a million dollars related to development costs for the park and the city. police. Council member Tyler Maxwell, who is sponsoring the point, said the draft deal was mistakenly put on last week’s agenda.

Although the updated agreement excludes reimbursement of $ 517,000 of developer fees, it would waive the police impact fee for new Kashian developments at Campus Pointe, according to Maxwell.

“Really what I’m focusing on is what I think is the best solution, which is to change the contract to avoid double payment for services in the future,” Maxwell said, explaining why repayment was being considered and how the deal would help bring more development to the region.

“I think every developer should always pay their fair share; I have expressed this opinion often, ”said Maxwell. “But I don’t think they should be strong either.”

Mayor Jerry Dyer supports the new deal and said he was concerned the previously proposed payback had set a poor precedent for the city. Dyer added that the city should continue to find ways to encourage new housing construction, including removing impact fees.

“We are hungry for housing, especially affordable housing,” he said. “The demand has greatly exceeded the supply. We need new incentives.

The agreement on Thursday’s city council agenda specifies that Campus Pointe is primarily served by the Fresno State Campus police, not the Fresno Police Department.

However, in the past, developers had to pay the City Police Impact Development Fee in addition to paying Fresno State for Police Services.

Under the amended agreement, Fresno police could still respond to major events. In those cases, they could bill Fresno State, which would then bill Campus Pointe for the services.

“I don’t think it’s fair to be billed twice for a service, especially if you don’t get that service from the City of Fresno,” Maxwell said. “I was going back and forth on a number of ways to right this wrong, to remedy it. … In the future, they would no longer have to pay for duplicative police services.

The city has a few programs established to waive development impact fees for certain types of projects deemed to have economic benefits, including industrial parks and developments in low-income neighborhoods.

Impact fees for new residential developments in Fresno are among the lowest in the state, according to a 2019 report from UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation. Their research found that a developer pays nearly $ 6,000 per house in impact fees in Fresno, compared to $ 8,500 in Sacramento and $ 24,000 in Oakland.