Payday rankings – the best online loans

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Many people are considering taking a short-term loan. Unfortunately, most of us do not know what to look for when choosing the right loan company. It is worth to get acquainted with various rankings and payday loans comparison before taking a loan.

Use the appropriate list to find out what the best fast online loan offers are. Which companies are currently the most popular among borrowers and you will learn the most important conditions of loan offers.

In addition, you will learn the cost of the loan in a clear and legible way, and you can also check which payday is free and for which you have to pay.
In the ranking of payday loans, there is a button next to each offer that redirects to the lender’s website, where you can immediately submit an application.

Ranking of payday loans

Ranking of payday loans

Unexpected expenses often strain our home budget. We are looking for solutions in non-bank loans. Online payday loans are becoming more and more popular every year. Every now and then new lenders appear and existing loan companies on the market develop and update their offers.

Online payday loans are often chosen because of the simple offer, no unnecessary formalities and the option of extending the repayment period. The most advantageous option to borrow money is 0% loans for new customers. Most loan companies offer them, some stand out from the competition with a longer repayment period or a high amount of free loan.

Of course, to get a loan for USD 0, you must meet the basic condition: return it on time – that is, after the 30 days provided for in the contract. If we do not do this, high costs of delay will be charged, which we also inform about in the ranking.

The procedure for applying for each free loan is practically identical. All you have to do is fill out the online application and we will receive the decision to grant payday loans on the same day.

What influences the ranking?


Choosing the right offer is a real problem. Everyone who needs cash and directs their steps towards non-banking sector companies faces a big challenge, they must review, compare and choose one of the dozens of fast loan offers.
There is a whole lot of new payday loan offers in the loan market in Poland.

It is difficult to choose the most profitable among them

It is difficult to choose the most profitable among them

The most important factors were taken into account when making the ranking of payday loans. Currently, the most important factor that determines the location of a given company is:

  • Free payday pay for a person who applies for this form of financial assistance for the first time;
  • The most important costs of the first and subsequent payday pay;
  • Additional costs for loan extension;
  • Ease of receipt, which also depends on which debtors’ bases and criteria are used to verify the loan applicants;
  • Speed ​​of the loan. In most cases, the time it takes to process your application is 15 minutes, but it may be longer or shorter. Time depends not only on the company itself but also on partners such as Bigi or BIK;
  • The requirement for documented income will be important for people who cannot provide income statements;
  • Brand recognition or trust in a company with payday loans is a factor that also does not affect the choice of the offer;
  • The borrower’s minimum and maximum age are less important factors, which, however, affect the client’s profile and which should find their place in the ranking.