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Pittsfield receives $396,000 grant to address youth violence

The City of Pittsfield has received a grant of nearly $400,000 to address youth violence in the city. The money, $396,034.80 in total, is part of $11.2 million in Shannon grants awarded to municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Funds from the Senator Charles E. Shannon Jr. Community Safety Initiative Grant Program are awarded to communities and local partners in support of collaborative solutions to address and respond to youth violence. 15 city grants comprising 27 cities and 14 research partners were funded through the Community Safety Initiative in this cycle.

Governor Baker says a collaborative approach is important…

The Shannon Grant Program invests in community efforts to connect with at-risk youth and help set them on a path to future success… The long-term positive impacts of Shannon Grant-funded programs demonstrate the importance of a collaborative approach to addressing youth violence and making our communities safer.

Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito said…

Shannon grants support the spirit of collaboration and vital teamwork that achieves safer communities, reduced violence, and lasting positive life decisions for at-risk youth.

The City of Boston received the most money with just over $1,642,723.

Here’s a chart showing where all the money from this round went:

History of the grant program…

The grant program is named after the late Senator Charles E. Shannon of Winchester. Senator Shannon represented Massachusetts’ Middlesex Second District of Winchester, Woburn, Somerville and Medford from 1991 until his death in 2005 from leukemia. Before serving in the legislature, he had spent twenty years in the Lexington police force.

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