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Preparations continue for the commemoration of the 250th County of Berkeley

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MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Berkeley County Council recently passed a proclamation, formally approving the series of events planned by the Steering Committee for the commemoration of Berkeley County’s 250th anniversary.

“We are very excited about the events planned by the Steering Committee and appreciate all of their hard work in putting together this celebration program,” Berkeley County Council Chairman Doug Copenhagen Jr. said in a statement.

The Berkeley Council Council proclamation encourages all residents of Berkeley County to participate in the celebration of the upcoming anniversary in 2022, to create lasting memories with their friends and family, and to be proud of Berkeley County.

“We have also launched a sponsorship campaign to invite businesses and other individuals to participate in our family events, which begin on New Years Eve with the unveiling of the Berkeley History Exhibit at the Public Library. of Martinsburg, ”Berkeley County 250th Steering Committee Chairman Matt Umstead said.

In addition to being part of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, commemoration event sponsors are expected to gain visibility across multiple sites, positioning them to market their brand in a charitable manner while showing goodwill in the community, according to Umstead.

“Every contribution received, whether large or small, will benefit efforts to promote history education, public recreation and community pride throughout Berkeley County,” Umstead said.

All proceeds generated from the commemoration events will benefit the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Council with funds specifically earmarked for parkland and recreational trail capital projects in the City of Martinsburg and County of Berkeley. .

“Yes, this is a celebration of our county’s rich and truly special history, but it also brings together our collective energy and enthusiasm to move Berkeley County into the future – and I hope at least some of these very special commemoration events will take place every year for many years to come, ”Umstead said.

More information on the history of Berkeley County, as well as 250th commemoration events and sponsorship opportunities are available on the official commemoration website at