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Q&A: Houston-based interior designer offers advice to local homeowners

Berkeley Holley has been designing spaces for hotels, restaurants, bars and homes for over 10 years. His full-service interior design firm offers renovation, construction and furnishing services to clients looking to remodel their spaces. Holley & Co. Interior Design can be reached at 832-564-7588 or

What are some easy ways to update or modernize a home on a budget?

The most effective and easiest way to transform a space is with paint. Paint can revive anything, whether it’s a new color for walls, cabinets, a piece of furniture or even the floor. From the outside in, paint is your friend. Other budget-friendly ways to update your home are to add visual interest with pops of color such as new artwork, throw pillows and rugs, to add or remove architectural details such as moldings and upgrade your lighting and hardware. Lighting and hardware are the details that represent the jewels of your home – let them make a statement and create that wow factor.

What’s the best approach to choosing color palettes in paint, decor, and furniture?

There is no doubt that decorating with color is a powerful tool and a very personal task. … You always want to take into account the basic elements that cannot or will not be changed, such as the color of the floor, the window frames, the fireplace, the exposed brickwork or any other permanent element. Choose colors that sit side by side on the color wheel to create a harmoniously coordinated palette, and complementary colors for a bolder dramatic approach that doesn’t clash. Always anchor your bolder pops of color with neutrals that work with your color choices.

Color and design trends are fun to follow, and we always want the best thing, but they change too often to keep up. For a more timeless approach, choose a neutral palette for your main rooms and most expensive items, and add pops of color with a feature wall, throw pillows or accessories that can be swapped out when you get bored without breaking. the budget .

Do you have any staging tips for those looking to sell?

When selling a home, you want potential buyers to be able to visualize themselves in the space. Declutter each area, remove personal photos, and minimize furniture to ease circulation. Most importantly, clean thoroughly, from baseboards to fans and blinds. Replace old faucets or fixtures and apply a fresh coat of paint to cabinets and/or walls for a fresh, clean look.