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Sure, There’s an NFT Winery in Napa Valley

San Francisco’s first NFT restaurant, Sho Club, led the way (at least ceremoniously) last week with a maelstrom of sashimi and cocktails atop Salesforce Park. But in case you were wondering, this isn’t the only example of food and drink mixing with Web3 here in the Bay Area. NFT enthusiasts can also rejoice to know that there is an NFT winery located in the town of Calistoga in Napa Valley. By Forbes, Evinco Winery DAO launched earlier this summer, releasing “5,555 utility-backed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain via OpenSea.” In a press release, the company describes itself as a “democratized Soho House for wine where members have the opportunity to nominate and vote on member assets and events.”

Unlike the Sho Club, which will be open to non-NFT-holding diners, Evinco is a true members’ club — more specifically, it’s a “decentralized autonomous organization” or DAO, a concept popularized in crypto-circles. currency and blockchain as a way for members to participate in the running of an organization. So, in addition to buying the right to have a say in how the wine club works, anyone who has minted one of Evinco’s tokens gets a host of other benefits. According to the winery’s website, these include access to private Discord to discuss “wine experiences” and share knowledge, access to members-only events and tastings, and two bottles of Evinco vintage wine. The company even comes from at least one well-known Napa Valley face: Mario Sculatti, a fourth-generation Napa winemaker. Fittingly, he teamed up with “the former Wall Street trader and crypto pundit known anonymously online as @wizardofsoho to bring Envinco together.

What happened to that fat cow on Folsom Street?

BrokeAssStuart reports that the ‘cattle-themed’ club Holy Cow, which was located on Folsom near Norfolk Street, has closed and will reopen as Eve. The club’s iconic four-legged pink mascot, which has hung outside the club since 1987, has already been dismantled.

Berkeley’s new restaurant claims to serve legit chopped cheese

Chef-owner Cal Kepner is opening a burger restaurant called Berserk Burger in Berkeley and it will serve “chopped cheese like you might find in a New York bodega,” writes Berkeleyside. He’ll also do a West Coast riff on the sandwich inspired burritos filled with our state’s fries, as well as burgers (duh) and banana milkshakes.

Sacramento bar sells $20 shots and $2,500 bottles of liquor

It’s not inflation that’s causing the high prices at a new Sacramento bar. Holy Spirits owner Michael Hargis says Sacramento bee it intentionally focuses on “premium spirits” like Yamazaki 12 Year Old and Jack Daniels Single Barrel Coy Hill Bourbon. But the owner of the downtown bar and restaurant says he only scores 20% of the bottles at Holy Spirit, so depending on how you look at it, that $450 bottle might actually be a bargain.

UC Berkley study finds downtown San Francisco slowest to recover

Downtown San Francisco is the slowest in the nation to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research from UC Berkeley. Researchers looked at data from 62 cities and found downtown San Francisco had recovered just 31% of pre-pandemic activity, ABC7 reports. The outlet spoke to Michael Imperiale, owner of Tricolore Caffe & Pizzeria, who said at least five of his fellow business owners at FiDi have had to close.

Here’s who spins through Turntable at Lord Stanley

You have one more day to try food from James Beard Award-nominated chef Melissa Martin of New Orleans’ Mosquito Supper Club while she’s settled in Turntable at Lord Stanley, the ongoing pop-up featuring featuring chefs from across the country and around the world. His stay at the restaurant ends on August 26, and on August 30, Jordanian chef Moeen Abuzaid makes his entrance. Check out Abuzaid’s menus for dine-in and take-out below.