Berkeley hotels

The Berkeley is collaborating with the British wellness brand for a new holistic pop-up

In the buzz of what is The Collins Room at The Berkeley hotel, finding zen is a daunting task. In the middle of the afternoon, the atmosphere is decidedly glamorous. The fashionista-influenced Pret-a-Portea afternoon tea is underway in the room designed by Robert Angell to pay homage to British designer David Collins and there’s a distinct chill in the air. Silver and lilac tones, glass panels and honeycomb details are combined with hand-painted de Gournay wallpapers and white porcelain chandeliers to a sumptuous effect. The vibe is decidedly “urban and sophisticated” at its finest.

But, take the lift to the fourth floor and follow the hallway to the all-white spa, and a distinguished oasis in the heart of Mayfair will open up to you. For connoisseurs, the hotel Bamford Wellness Spa has long been the place to kick off your shoes and immerse yourself in organic and natural treatments to help you shake off the stresses of the city.

This month, he further cemented his holistic status with a three-month collaboration with the cult brand Island moss. The result is a body care range that harnesses the power of the beauty brand’s nourishing vegan, chemical-free and cruelty-free products, which are handcrafted in small batches using sustainably sourced ingredients from from all over Ireland and the British Isles.

Ranging from a 60-minute “Warm Element” lymphatic drainage massage and body brush to a 90-minute “Moss Signature Face and Body Wellness Experience”, treatments incorporate the healing properties of extracts of plants, including moss, peat, rosemary, horse chestnut, poppy seed, Scottish dulce seaweed and heather.

With its roots placed in ancient wellness practices, Moss of the Isles also captures the goodness of these raw therapeutic ingredients found across Ireland and the British Isles. Founded by three wellness industry pioneers – Fiona Byrne, Maria Herrera and Nigel Franklyn – who have all worked with some of the world’s most spas and wellness destinations – the brand aims to tap into the wisdom old and to reflect on a time when our bodies were “bound to the earth and the tides”.

“Being authentic is one of the most important factors for us,” Nigel Franklyn says of the Berkeley residency. “Moss of the Isles is a project I’m passionate about, so it had to be authentic. We want to tell a story of a bygone era, but also tell the story of all those people who still work the land – whether whether farming, foraging or harvesting – to provide us with our abundance of natural ingredients from which we create our products.”

Tapping into this invisible network of local suppliers and pickers, the brand’s ingredient list includes carrageenan moss from Ireland, horse chestnut from Wales, heather from the Scottish moors and marigolds and dandelions from England and reads like an old apothecary’s bible.

The resulting artisan products are lovingly crafted using unique and potent plant-based formulations, blended in small batches of the highest quality aromatherapy oils and raw, locally sourced, therapeutic ingredients. aforementioned.

“Moss of the Isles was created to honor and celebrate the wild and inspiring heritage of Ireland and the British Isles,” Nigel continues. “When we first set up the business, we had a vision that we would walk hand-in-hand with properties that showcased the best of the UK hospitality and wellness industry. and Ireland, and The Berkeley seems like a natural fit for us. We’re a 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan wellness brand that harnesses the most powerful elements on earth. Our goal is to deliver experiences of well-being that transform the skin and create moments of restorative mindfulness.

“Quiet Time” is one such experience and one of the pop-up’s signature treatments. It’s perhaps the most unique – considering it’s in what is perhaps one of London’s most desirable and bustling hotels. The 60-minute therapy was designed to give clients “a moment” to breathe again. Performed in a dark room, silence envelops you to release stress and provide space for reflection. As your senses are enveloped by the oils of lavender, myrtle, and bergamot, long, soothing massages are used to transport you to a calmer space and what feels like an otherworldly time, a bygone world.

It’s London, but not as you know it.