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The best food trucks in Ocean and Monmouth County chosen by you

Something that has become very popular here in New Jersey is the food truck. People like variety and I believe the food truck provides variety and it’s a different style of dining that people appreciate, especially in good weather.

The food truck trend is very popular here in Ocean and Monmouth counties. We have many who move around our cities, some who are stationed at more regular locations while others like to travel and visit many places and cities.

When it comes to food trucks, it seems that “comforting” foods are more popular. We decided to ask you back home which food trucks you love and enjoy hitting when you go out, especially now during the summer months when so many people in Ocean and Monmouth Counties are out and about here at Shore. karl muscat karl muscat
  • Richard: the empanada man
  • Gretchen: the tacoholics
  • Jennifer: The Empanada Guy and Harry Smokin’ BBQ
  • Maureen: Ohana Bites
  • Kathy: Harry’s smoldering barbecue
  • Kate: Harry’s smoldering barbecue
  • Christina: Pattie’s Franks Rt. 88 in Brick
  • Lisa: whole bowls
  • Kate: whole bowls
  • Tommy: Ohana
  • Courtney: Minnie Weenies
  • Nikki: your sister balls
  • Jeanne: Maine Lobster Cousins ​​at Laurel Square, The Brick
  • April: The Meal Car
  • Rosemary: Cousins
  • Karen: Harry’s Smoking BBQ
  • Country: The Franks of Pattie Rt. 88 Brick..Best Dirty Water in Ocean County Sure
  • Jim: Boho Bites is the best!
  • Sandra: After trying a Gyro from this seller (Souvla King) at the Summer in the Street Festival in TR last Saturday, my choice is with them!

Lots of different flavors and styles of the trucks you mentioned in your picks. Thank you to everyone who wrote to let us know which food trucks are popular here in our area, several have multiple mentions for us here in the area.

What style of food truck do we need here in the Ocean and Monmouth County area? What type of food would you like to see more of? Post your comments below and let us know what you like and want to see more.

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