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The best luxury family hotels in London to book

Done right, a family city break to one of London’s most family-friendly hotels can be just that: a break. But checking into a hotel that hasn’t tweaked its kid-friendly facilities or food and a long-awaited escape can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. Any parent will know there’s nothing worse than stepping on eggshells around other guests, so how do London’s high-end hotels accommodate sprogs without ruining things for all the world ? With tons of first-hand experience, bags of creativity, and a realization that social taboos around children in luxury hotels are confined to history.

London’s most splendid and indulging hotels have subsequently shaped their family offerings, harnessing the city’s rich history and culture for multi-age adventures. Stylish (and priceless) equipment for babies and toddlers can be requested in advance, and fancy kids’ food is no longer the sausage and mash of old. These hotels strive to ignite the imaginations of little ones while providing well-deserving parents plenty of time to pamper themselves too.

From lavish townhouses with smart, connecting rooms to grand chandeliers with expansive pools and jaw-dropping pudding menus, here are the best family hotels in London.