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Go green

My concerns about going green are that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

  • What is the status of planes when they turn green? Aircraft and military vehicles?
  • Millions of wind turbines will be needed to provide electricity. What will be done to prevent the birds from being killed by them?
  • What is the typical lifespan of an EV battery and how much does a new one cost?
  • How and where will used batteries be disposed of? How much will it cost the vehicle owner?
  • EVs are not cheap. Will millions of people not be able to afford it?
  • Where do charging stations get their electricity from?
  • What will be the cost of the registration fees that will replace the gasoline tax?
  • Will there be different battery sizes? Low cost versus high cost?
  • Will the batteries of electric vehicles give off highly explosive hydrogen vapours?
  • Will traffic jams, accidents, snow and ice storms cause battery failure?
  • Will all ships (private and navy) run on batteries? Small boats?
  • Will there be electric tractors and other electric equipment needed by farmers?
  • Will agricultural land be used for wind turbines and solar panels, causing food shortages?
  • Will countries like Russia, China, India and others go green? If not, how will America going green be effective?

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Will the cost of going green increase the national debt? It is already at 30 trillion dollars.

Safer communities

Thanks to Representatives Alma Adams, GK Butterfield, Kathy Manning, David Price and Deborah Ross for voting in favor of the Safe Communities Act, recently signed into law as “the most sweeping gun bill in decades.” decades” (NBC News). While the law is an important first step, it does not go far enough to truly protect our communities from the horror and heartache caused by civilians with legally held assault weapons. And while North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis — both Republicans — voted in favor of the bipartisan law, none of the Republican members of our state’s House could bring themselves to vote in favor of it. minimal efforts to reduce gun violence. Cowardly representatives, including Representatives Virginia Foxx and Ted Budd, have once again pledged their allegiance to the gun lobby, recklessly putting countless lives at risk.

Wouldn’t it be great if next summer we could celebrate both America’s independence from England and Congress’s independence from the gun lobby? Wouldn’t it be great if we held Foxx and Budd accountable in November?

affordable housing

Let’s see how Oakland, California solved its homelessness and its need for more affordable housing while improving air quality.

A residents’ group, Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods, had accused the University of California, Berkeley of not providing enough on-campus housing while increasing student enrollment. The neighborhood group says it has repeatedly tried to get UC-Berkeley to make a legally binding commitment to increase on-campus housing before increasing enrollment. Failing that, the neighborhood group took the university to court.

Universities that increase enrollment without providing more on-campus dormitories are also contributing to our city’s housing shortage and local environmental damage.

On Polo Road, more stately neighborhood homes and mature trees are being bulldozed to make way for more students. Over the past three years, I’ve seen huge tracts of mature trees bulldozed along Polo Road to accommodate student rentals, and 10 acres of forest clearcut for 40 student rental homes. students.

We have a tree ordinance, but it is not strict enough and it seems to me that it is not applied consistently.

A lower court capped enrollment at UC-Berkeley at 2021 levels. The California Supreme Court left in place a ruling ordering the university to freeze student enrollment. Their skirmish continues and we don’t know how it will end, but as our city faces a shortage of affordable housing and a need for greater environmental consideration, we should consider all reasonable solutions.


The Biden administration would rather we not focus on the obscene amounts we pay for gas and groceries, or how our 401(k)s and IRAs are dwindling. Instead, we should direct our attention to the antics of abortion zealots or gun control zealots as well as the “outrageous” behavior of our Supreme Court.

That dog won’t hunt for most of us, of course, but misdirection may be the only card the Biden administration has yet to play for the midterms.

The Democratic Party has inexplicably allowed itself to be hijacked and radicalized by a progressive minority whose agenda could not be further from the values ​​and concerns of Main Street America.

This reality will be hammered home in November.


Joseph Pulitzer was a Hungarian-American politician and newspaper publisher. He became a prominent national figure in the Democratic Party and was elected to the United States Congress from New York. He wrote: “Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. A skilful, disinterested, public-minded press, with an intelligence trained to know the right and the courage to do so, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will in time produce a people as vile as itself. The power to shape the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations.

Where are you, “free press?” I think you’ve become very one-sided and journalistic truth doesn’t matter much anymore. What a tragedy and what a shame.

If it works

Stop the sale of all weapons for two years. If someone gets caught with a gun on them, or someone is caught selling a gun, they should be sentenced to two years in prison. Today, when a gun is taken off the street, it will not be replaced until the two-year moratorium expires.

I know some people will call this crazy or anti-Second Amendment. And so it cannot be done. These people simply feel it is their right to buy a gun, anytime, anywhere, regardless of background checks showing red flags like mental health issues, calls from the police to home regarding violence and other anarchies.

Some people will say it won’t work. But some people may remember that same skepticism when cars started using unleaded gasoline. Well, now we use unleaded gasoline in cars, and we have good service of these cars.

Armed violence must stop. We must be ready to try anything. Until this is tried, we won’t know if it works or not.