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W.Va. House of Delegates – District 93: Zondria “Z” Lansdowne |

Zondria “Z” Lansdowne


51 years from Martinsburg

Occupation: association director

Family: Married for over 30 years with 13 children and 10 grandchildren

How long have you lived in the area: since 2010

Relevant experience serving the community: Operate a non-profit organization working with families in Berkeley County by running small support groups, emergency relief, and counseling to help families achieve their goals.

Head shot: true

Which office are you looking for: District 93 House of Delegates

Are you the owner: No

Why are you running for election: I am running for office for my children and yours. I love West Virginia and I need my kids to love it as much as I do. I don’t want them to have to cross the state line to find housing, jobs, or education. We get stores and restaurants so we should never have to spend our money in another state. WV is almost perfect for me, so I’m racing so the rest of the world can love it half as much as I do. No more complaints, let’s perfect our wild and wonderful state.

Identify the most pressing issues related to the position you are seeking and how you would address them: We need better benefits for our teachers. I understand that we may never be able to pay the salaries of surrounding states for their educators, but I think there are other ways to help our teachers and other public service workers. I would offer help with college loan repayments, fully paid health care, and no state taxes for those who went to a WV school and would be willing to stay here to work and live. Our children are our future, we must take care of those who teach them daily.

I would work with our law enforcement to give them the education they might need to identify mental health emergencies, mental health assistance for themselves, and customer service courses to help them do in the face of the multiple personalities with which they deal on a daily basis. Our law enforcement have chosen their careers while others have chosen not to, and we must all work together to respect each other and our differences.

I would focus on traffic patterns in Berkeley County. There are a few streets like the Fox Croft area that need to be “decongested”.

What makes you best placed to serve your constituents: As a mother, wife, community advocate, and concerned citizen, I possess a unique ability to see needs in communities and statewide concerns and issues from the perspective of the constituents I support. . I have a view that I can take to the House of Delegates that will echo the views of the average neighbor. I think it’s time we stopped complaining and started taking action to improve our communities and our state. I love West Virginia and plan to keep WV the largest state in the USA

What makes you different from other candidates: I’m not the person sitting behind a desk who thinks I know what’s best for my neighbors. I am the person you see volunteering on the streets, showing up at town hall meetings, and working with the average family to hear their concerns and help find solutions to their problems. We can continue to make WV the place where we can raise our families without them having to relocate for better jobs or educational opportunities. We must stop the mass exodus of our young people and continue to make our state a home.

How do you plan to work with people who have different points of view than yours: I currently work with people from all walks of life and beliefs. I’m crazy enough to know that without a difference of opinion, we would never see the full picture of a situation. I appreciate differences and always aim to learn from them.