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Winds blamed for Grand Binghamton sports complex collapse


The weather is again cited as the reason for a second catastrophic failure at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex in Union City.

Sections of steel at the construction site collapsed on Sunday, less than a year after heavy, wet snow caused the air dome to collapse on Airport Road at Choconut Center.

Owner Bob Kashou said Monday afternoon that it appears a gust of wind caused the steel sections that were just installed to fall.

Kashou described a “construction sequencing error” with some initial steel sections installed last week with completion expected a few days later.

The site of the Grand Binghamton sports complex off Airport Road in the city of Union on November 22, 2021. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Dave Nicosia of the National Weather Service’s office at Grand Binghamton Airport – a short distance north of the construction site – said a 28 mph gust of wind was recorded as the collapse of the steel.

The strong southerly wind appeared to have entered an opening in the structure under construction.

Twisted steel sections at the Grand Binghamton Sports Complex construction site. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Kashou was at the site approximately 90 minutes before the collapse. He said he had “admired the building”.

Shortly after, he received a call from a trainer who told him the structure was collapsing. Kashou said “I thought he was funny.” But he soon realized he wasn’t kidding.

Kashou said he was grateful that no one was at the site when the collapse occurred and there were no injuries.

The owner of the resort has said ‘we had a failure’ but he is ready to move forward with the project. Construction was to be completed at the end of January.

Kashou said he hopes the damaged steel can be cleaned up quickly and construction can resume. He said he now hopes the new sports complex could be up and running by April or May.

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