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Winthrop University gets futuristic catering service | WFAE 90.7

Every day, life gets closer and closer to that of the Jetsons. Students and staff at Winthrop University will enjoy a dining experience similar to the futuristic 1960s TV show.

Winthrop University Food Services announced on Wednesday that it has launched a new meal delivery service with a fleet of Kiwibots that can be used on campus.

There will be a total of 15 emission-free robots operating on campus that will deliver food from the following restaurants on campus: Simply To-Go, Triple G’s, and The Crust in Markley’s. In addition to these restaurants, two “ghost kitchens”, Mr. Beast and Mariah’s Cookies, will also be available to students.

Orders can be placed through Sodexo’s mobile app, when orders are placed users will receive a pickup time and a link to the location of the robot. Users will also get a notification when the robot arrives at the door.

Although students are the main customers, this service could be useful to others on campus. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a student living in dormitory or a faculty/staff member working late in your office, these Kiwibots will deliver. As well as being a fun and convenient way to get food delivered, they’re eco-friendly and cute,” said Helen Hoban, General Manager of Food Services.

For those worried about their food being taken by someone else, the robots are locked down; only the recipient of the food can open the compartment where the food is stored.

Kiwibots is a robotic delivery startup that got its start on the University of California, Berkeley campus in 2017.

“Kiwibots will bring joy to everyone on campus,” said John Tarin, Global Operations Manager at Kiwibot. “This service allows students, faculty, and staff to not only invest their time more productively, but also to blend in with robotics.”